Privacy Policy

eParcel will process information provided to them directly by a data subject in order to respond to their specific enquiry or submission. Such information and personal data may also be shared with other companies within the Whistl Group where it will be held and used according to their own policies.


Customer Services

We use the services of a UK-based third party company, Parcelhub Limited, to handle our Customer Service operations relating to the delivery of your order. Your Personal Information will be shared with them accordingly and used and protected according to their privacy policy available here.


Subsequently, we may retain the contact details of enquirers about our business services for up to 1 year after last communication on the basis of our Legitimate Interests of marketing our business by informing them of the services provided by the Whistl Group in addition to the services they have previously used or enquired about.


This will include the transmission of our emailed newsletter, containing news of interest to current and potential customers about our business and services. Receivers of our newsletter can contact us to unsubscribe from this list or do so by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button received in all such communications after which they will receive no further such transmissions. Restricted communication, targeted to a proven area of interest and using details provided for this purpose, to a business contact is considered to present only a highly limited risk to their rights.


At any time, past enquirers about, or users of, our business services can request removal of their personal data from our records. After verification of the source of such a request, no further communication will be made to the data subject apart from any already under way during the time of verification, and their records will be deleted within 1 week.


After sending our newsletter, we record and analyse which articles are read by subscribers, with the intention of using that information to provide them with subsequent newsletters targeted to their areas of interest. We do not conduct any other profiling activity or any automated decision-making in relation to data subjects.


After a period of 1 year following our last communication, in the absence of a request otherwise from the data subject, no personal record of them will be retained although the details of an enquiry and the business name (if not a sole-trader) may remain stored.


eParcel uses MailChimp, a US-based operation to provide email marketing communications. MailChimp is certified as compliant with current cross-border transfer regulation, including the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Although other agencies may be used on occasion in the submission of our communications, no personal data is otherwise passed outside the UK.



Data subjects have certain statutory rights, with which the Whistl Group are fully compliant, namely:


  1. The right to be informed. We will tell you how we use and store your data (in this Privacy Notice and in the Data policy available on our website), and will inform you if this changes in any way.


  1. The right of access. You have the right to access any record we have of your personal data to verify that we are using it lawfully. Should you wish to do so, you can submit a ‘Subject Access Request’ to us.


  1. The right to rectification. You should tell us if we hold any inaccurate or outdated information about you, and we undertake to correct it accordingly.


  1. The right to erasure. You can require us to delete any personal data we hold about you, either in some of the ways listed above or by contacting us.


  1. The right to restrict processing. As this notice outlines, we only use your data in very limited ways. If, however you would like us to keep your data but change the ways in which we use it, you can contact us to request this.


  1. The right to data portability. We only hold data about you that you have provided to us or, in some cases, that is publicly available. If, however you wish us to provide you or another company with a copy of that information, you have the right to request that we do so.


  1. The right to object. Similarly, to some of the above rights, you have the right to object to certain usages of your data on grounds relating to your particular situation or if you dispute our Legitimate Interests as stated above. You also have an absolute right to refuse all direct marketing from us. Again, you should contact us should you wish to do so.


  1. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. We specify above the limited level of profiling we operate, being only an analysis of articles read in our newsletter. If you would like to continue receiving the newsletter but object to this profiling, please contact us.


  1. The right to complain to a supervisory authority. If you are unhappy with how we are processing your data, you can lodge a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ico.org.uk).